Coaching timetable

All Raiders coaching sessions take place on the BerkoAstro 3G at Ashlyns School.

The training schedule for the rest of the season with breaks for Christmas and Half Term is:

  • Mon 17th – Sat 22nd Oct – training as normal
  • Mon 24th – Sat 29th Oct – NO TRAINING
  • Mon 31st Oct – Sat 17th Dec – training as normal
  • Mon 19th Dec – Tues 3rd Jan – NO TRAINING
  • Thurs 5th Jan – Sat 11th Feb – training as normal
  • Mon 13th Feb – Sat 18th Feb – NO TRAINING
  • Mon 20th Feb – Thurs 30th Mar – training as normal
  • Sat 1st April – Thurs 13th Apr – NO TRAINING
  • Sat 15th Apr – Mon 8th May – training as normal



U7 Boys and Girls 8.30-9.30am
U8 Boys 9.30-10.30am
U9 Boys 10.30-11.30am
U10 Boys 11.30-12.30pm


U10-12 Girls 6-7pm
U13-U14 Girls 7-8pm
U15-U18 Girls 8-9pm


U8-U9 Girls 5-6pm
U15 Boys 6-7pm
U16 Boys 7-8pm
U18 Boys 8-9pm
Seniors 9-10pm


U11 Boys 5-6pm
U12 Boys 6-7pm
U13 Boys 7-8pm
U14 Boys 8-9pm


Ladies 6-7pm