Walking Football

Walking FootballWalking Football is a popular and growing format of the game, Walking Football is aimed at encouraging older adults and those with long-standing injuries to play football again on a regular basis. As simple as the name suggests, Walking Football really is just football at walking pace. But don’t let that fool you; It carries all the emotion, passion and excitement of a regular game and still requires skills such as accurate passing, good positional play and strong tactical knowledge.

The game is small-sided, with no running on or off the ball, very little contact and kick-ins instead of throw-ins. With less stress on the body and no real sudden change of direction or cutting movements, the game allows participants to play without apprehension.

Raiders isn’t currently running Walking Football sessions but if you are interested in taking part then fill in the enquiry form and we will let you know when we start up again. For further details, complete the membership enquiry form.