Boys Teams

Berkhamsted Raiders operates boys teams from U7-U18.

Younger children are encouraged to join the Saturday morning sessions for 5-7 year olds, run by Ross and Andy’s Soccer Camps, in partnership with Raiders.

If you need to contact a team manager urgently regarding a fixture, email admin(AT)

For player enquiries, please complete the Membership Enquiry.



U7 Red WHYL Hospice of St Francis Emily Drane
U7 Blue WHYL Hospice of St Francis Robert Sinderman
U7 Green WHYL Hospice of St Francis Richard Bush
U7 White WHYL Hospice of St Francis David Vigar
U7 Orange WHYL Hospice of St Francis Lee Rowbotham
U7 Yellow WHYL Hospice of St Francis Simon Botterill
U7 Purple WHYL Hospice of St Francis Fiona Breedon
U7 Black WHYL Hospice of St Francis Simon Littlechild
U8 Red WHYL Alternative Barbering Co Matthew Daley
U8 Blue WHYL Alternative Barbering Co Mark Cosgrove
U8 Green WHYL Alternative Barbering Co Dan Garrod
U8 White WHYL Alternative Barbering Co Kris Perinetti Khari
U8 Orange WHYL Alternative Barbering Co Dan Street
U8 Yellow WHYL Alternative Barbering Co James Wilcock
U8 Purple WHYL Alternative Barbering Co Adam Nash
U8 Black WHYL Alternative Barbering Co Ellison Riddle
U9 Red WHYL AS Retail Sam Stickley
U9 Blue WHYL AS Retail Mike Jewell
U9 Green WHYL AS Retail Andrew Sheperd
U9 White WHYL AS Retail Adam Craig
U9 Orange WHYL AS Retail Chris Stafford
U9 Yellow WHYL AS Retail Matthew Goodban
U9 Purple WHYL AS Retail Lee Mitchell
U9 Black WHYL AS Retail Richard Paynter
U10 Red WHYL Beyond Life Dan Macy
U10 Blue WHYL Beyond Life Chris Saunders
U10Green WHYL Beyond Life Daryl Rattigan
U10 White WHYL Beyond Life Mark McDonnell
U10Orange WHYL Beyond Life Adam Suggett
U10 Yellow WHYL Beyond Life Toby Smith
U10 Purple WHYL Beyond Life Mike Walker
U10 Black WHYL Beyond Life Ben Herd
U11 Red WHYL Britannia Gym James Bolton
U11 Blue WHYL Britannia Gym Neil Martin
U11 Green WHYL Britannia Gym Bryan Elstead
U11 White WHYL Britannia Gym Ben Bird
U11 Yellow WHYL Britannia Gym Alex Deane
U11 Purple WHYL Britannia Gym Shaun Dowse
U12 Red WHYL Our Garden Rooms Steve Johnson
U12 Blue WSBL Our Garden Rooms Mark Gaskill
U12 Green WHYL Our Garden Rooms Stewart Harrison
U12 White WSBL Our Garden Rooms Tim Badham
U12 Yellow WHYL Our Garden Rooms Christian Wallace
U12 Purple WHYL Our Garden Rooms Paul Haezewindt
U13 Red WHYL Base Concrete Patrick Moloney
U13 Blue WSBL Base Concrete Tony Fidler
U13 Green WHYL Base Concrete Ross Huhn
U13 White WSBL Base Concrete David Sidebottom
U13 Yellow WHYL Base Concrete Nick Morrish
U14 Red WFL Champneys Phil Sales
U14 Blue WHYL Champneys Peter Carroll
U14 Green WSBL Champneys Chris Armond
U14 White WHYL Champneys Tom Brookes
U14 Yellow WSBL Champneys Shawn Baggs
U15 Red WHYL Base Concrete Alistair Spooner
U15 Blue WHYL Base Concrete Greg Dormer
U15 Green WHYL Base Concrete Nick Warr
U15 White WHYL Base Concrete Gary Illingworth
U15 Black WHYL Base Concrete Myles Carrapiett
U16 Red WFL Jelmac Darren Clarke
U16 Blue WHYL Jelmac Alan Stanley
U16 Green WSBL Jelmac Aidan Bartett
U16 Silver WHYL Jelmac Mark Shattock
U16 White WHYL Jelmac James Bowles
U18 Red WHYL VAH Sean Gatehouse
U18 Blue WSBL VAH Abhi Tyagi
U18 Green WHYL VAH John D’Cunha
U18 White WSBL VAH David Connett
U18 Yellow WHYL VAH Ian Michael Raba