Girls Teams

Berkhamsted Raiders operates girls teams from U8-U14.

We have a dedicated professional coaching set up for girls football.

Younger children are encouraged to join the Saturday morning sessions for 5-7 year olds, run by Ross and Andy’s Soccer Camps, in partnership with Raiders.

If you need to contact a team manager urgently regarding a fixture, email admin(AT)

For player enquiries, please complete the Membership Enquiry.


Girls U8 Solars HGFPL Sponsor required David Correia
Girls U8 Supersonics HGFPL Sponsor required Darren Giles
Girls U9 Galactics HGFPL Ross & Andy Soccer Camps Ben Fox
Girls U9 Mercurials HGFPL Ross & Andy Soccer Camps Martin Evans
Girls U10 Orbitals HGFPL Vauxhall Motors Paul Warwick
Girls U10 Meteors HGFPL Vauxhall Motors Martina Hardy
Girls U10 Shooting Stars HGFPL Vauxhall Motor Mary Pacitti
Girls U11 Supernovas HGFPL The Annexx Ltd Pete Waugh
Girls U11 Comets HGFPL The Annexx Ltd Nicola Everitt
Girls U12 Red HGFPL Vauxhall Motors Lucy Birdin
Girls U12 Blue HGFPL Provident Wealth Mark Van Duyvenbode
Girls U12 Green HGFPL Provident Wealth Andrew Smith
Girls U13 Red HGFPL Sell Your German Car Lee Warner
Girls U13 Blue HGFPL Sell Your German Car Dan Coster
Girls U13 Orange HGFPL Sell Your German Car Mark Thomas
Girls U14 Red Bucks Brown & Merry Simon Whale
Girls U15 Red HPFGL Sumner & Tabor Solicitors Deniz Ombesh