Girls Teams

At our recent Summer 2022 Tournament we asked some of our players what they love about football and you can see their answers here: WATCH THE VIDEO!

September 2019 Update

This week saw the start of the 19/20 girls football season at Raiders building on the success of Sarah Whale’s  amazing efforts four years ago when she inspired others to take the girls section forward. Now around 260 girls ages 7-16 get to enjoy the magic of football. Every Monday we see all the girls train on the Astro at Ashlyns school – with home matches on the beautiful pitches at Bridgewater school.

An amazing group of parent volunteers make the weekly Saturday matches possible. We welcome new players and if you would like to see more of what we do or inspire a new player of any age please do come along to watch between 10am  and 12 noon.

The girls section now has its own dedicated trustee Alison Spencer, who we welcome to the role working alongside  Raiders  Girls Welfare Officer Joanna Conway and Criminal Records Check Officer, Sarah Hughes – to them and all our volunteers past and present – a huge thanks.

Every season we see more and more female parents/guardians stepping forward to manage, assist and referee  all mirroring the progress of the senior game and providing vital roles models for our girls.




About Girls football at Berkhamsted Raiders

Berkhamsted Raiders operates girls teams from U8 to U18.

We have a dedicated professional coaching set up for girls football.

Younger children are encouraged to join the Saturday morning sessions for 5-7 year olds, run by Ross and Andy’s Soccer Camps, in partnership with Raiders.

If you need to contact a team manager urgently regarding a fixture, email admin(AT)

For player enquiries, please complete the Membership Enquiry.




Girls U8 Red HGFPL WM Promus Ben Smith
Girls U8 Blue HGFPL WM Promus Ben Newman
Girls U8 Green HGFPL WM Promus Helen Sargeant
Girls U9 Orbitals HGFPL Sterling Estate Agents Dan Safe
Girls U9 Supersonics HGFPL Sterling Estate Agents Paul Teixeira
Girls U9 Solars HGFPL Sterling Estate Agents Bev Miller
Girls U10 Titans HGFPL Sterling Estate Agents Tracy Bownes
Girls U10 Pulsars HGFPL Sterling Estate Agents Stuart Ried
Girls U10 Callistos HGFPL Sterling Estate Agents Stuart Upson
Girls U10 Hyperions HGFPL Sterling Estate Agents Jez Stewart
Girls U11 Cosmic HGFPL Innerplace Ltd Mark Bowles
Girls U11 Galactics HGFPL Innerplace Ltd Kate Badham
Girls U12 Asteriods HGFPL Innerplace Ltd John MacKenzie
Girls U12 Red HGFPL Ross & Andy Soccer Camps David Correia
Girls U12 Blue HGFPL Ross & Andy Soccer Camps Guy Barlow
Girls U13 Blue BEDS Ross & Andy Soccer Camps Ben Fox
Girls U13 Green HGFPL Ross & Andy Soccer Camps Patrick Carey
Girls U13 Red HGFPL Ross & Andy Soccer Camps Kevin Thurham
Girls U14 Blue BEDS RMC Equipment Michael Von Geldern
Girls U14 Green HGFPL RMC Equipment Hilary Kempe
Girls U14 Red HGFPL RMC Equipment Martina Hardy
Girls U15 Red BEDS Dacorum Decorating Tim Crampin
Girls U15 Blue HGFPL Dacorum Decorating Timothy Hoare
Girls U16 Green BEDS Sterling Estate Agents Andrew Smith
Girls U18 Red HGFPL RMC Equipment Scott Wegener
Girls U18 Blue HGFPL RMC Equipment Stuart Weare