Raider in the Spotlight – Ash Lupton

Each month we  highlight the contribution of a member of the Raiders team that works behind the scenes to ensure the club continues to offer fantastic coaching and playing opportunities in the community.

This month we interviewed Ash Lupton to get a better understanding of his role(s) within the club.

Q1. What do you do within Raiders?

I coach the U10 Greens, Coordinate the U10 Age Group and also Coordinate pitches for all of our Boys and Girls teams

Q2. How long have you been involved?

My son started a season early as an U6 so this is my fifth season at Raiders.

Q3. What do you most enjoy about your involvement with Raiders?

Definitely the Sunday match days and the Summer tournaments

Q4. Most embarrassing moment in Raiders?

Most definitely an away game in U7’s where my son managed to fall chest first into some dog muck that hadn’t been spotted on the pitch . We did our best to clean him up with orange squash then we had to rotate shirts with the subs for the remainder of the match.

Q5. What does the future hold for Raiders?

In the short term I’m hoping there’s a dry spell of weather on the horizon (fingers crossed) !

Q6. Proudest moment(s)?

Probably the Hatters Cup tournament held at Luton Town’s stadium last Summer when my son headed in the winner for Raiders to get us into the Final!

Q7. Favourite football team


Q8 Favourite football player (past or present)?

Currently Aubameyang but he might not be with us much longer at this rate.

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