Raider in the Spotlight – Mark Thomas

Each month we  highlight the contribution of a member of the Raiders team that works behind the scenes to ensure the club continues to offer fantastic coaching and playing opportunities in the community.

This month we are delighted to hear from Mark Thomas, who has recently stepped in to be our new Head of Girls Football.

Q1. What does your new role involve?

As the Head of Girls Football my responsibility is to make sure that we have the right environment in place at Raiders for all girls to be able to develop both as footballers & as individuals. Along with the Girls AGCs, my role is to create & maintain a framework that allows for this to happen. I am there to provide support to AGCs & managers on all aspects of Raiders football.  I work closely with the Board of Trustees to provide updates on Girls football & help deliver against the strategic goals.

Q2. How long have you been involved in Raiders?

I’ve been involved with Raiders since my daughter joined 7 years ago.  I’ve been a manager or AGC for the last 5 years.

Q3. What do you most enjoy about your involvement with Raiders?

As a manger it’s about how the girls enjoy their football – the way the they work together, how they develop skills & understanding, and their reaction when it all comes together on the pitch.

Q4. Most embarrassing moment in Raiders?

Tripping over a bag whilst my team was warming up for a match. They didn’t let me forget it!

Q5. What does the future hold for Girls football in Raiders?

I have been fortunate to take up this role when Girls football at Raiders is in a strong position. So much work & effort has gone into Girls football over the last 7-8 years to get us to this position & everyone involved should be acknowledged for that. There is currently a great group of AGCs, along with very supportive Trustees, that need to embrace where we are & to make sure we continue to grow the Girls section through providing an enjoyable environment for those at Raiders & being able to attract new players.  We need to embrace the rise in profile of Women’s Football in the media & give the girls a chance to be like their idols & follow in their footsteps!

Q6. Favourite football team


Q7 Favourite football player (past or present)?

Steven Gerrard  –  an outstanding player that exhibited passion, determination & leadership qualities that added to his great footballing ability

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