Statement on Bulbourne Cross

Many Raiders members and local residents will have received a leaflet through their door regarding Bulbourne Cross. a development at Bourne End, that aims to provide housing, a school, a country park and community sport and leisure facilities. There is a project website, a recording of a webinar available on Vimeo and a public live webinar on January 12th at 7:30pm.

The Bulbourne Cross development adds significantly to the provision of sports facilities. Thakeham has offered the Berkhamsted Sports Grounds Charitable Association (BSGCA) 10ha of land at Bulbourne Cross at no cost. BSGCA would then undertake the development of the site for the benefit of the local community. Beneficiaries may include football, rugby, gymnastics, netball, cycling and other sports Raiders is a member of the BSGCA, along with other local sports clubs.

The Raiders Trustees have agreed to take a neutral view on any planning debate in the town. Our comments relating to the provision of sports facilities are  as follows:

  • We will not take a Club view on where housing development should take place. That is a decision for DBC following consultation with local residents.
  • Our members and local residents will contribute to the consultation on the Local Plan so that DBC’s decision on sites and locations reflects the town’s wishes
  • We welcome any development of sports facilities that offsets the current shortage of facilities in Berkhamsted.
  • We aim to ensure that, wherever housing development takes place in the town, there is more than adequate provision of facilities for sport and leisure for both current and future needs.
  • The Bulbourne Cross development provides an opportunity for the development of extensive sports and leisure provision and will accommodate the needs of multiple clubs and sports..

If you wish to participate in the consultation on the Local Plan, you can do so on the Dacorum BC web site.

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