Job opportunity – Operations Manager

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As the Club has grown, the amount of time required of individual volunteers on the operational and logistics areas of the Club such as securing new playing facilities, managing relationships with and getting the best value from pitch owners and external suppliers, scheduling games, applying for grants, purchasing and distributing kit and equipment and overseeing the logistics of Club events such as our two tournaments has increased significantly. Lifestyles have changed and individuals are no longer able to commit the amount of time required to undertake what is becoming much more than part-time voluntary roles.

The Raiders Trustees have therefore decided to recruit, employ and fund an Operations Manager to undertake these tasks. This post is initially being advertised to the Raiders membership. The role may be suitable for a parent seeking a career or lifestyle change who can fit the demands of the new role both in time and commitment around their family life. It’s an exciting opportunity to support the Club and ensure that we continue to deliver an outstanding service to our members.

The deadline for applications is Friday 8th  May.

A detailed job description, candidate requirements and details of how to apply for this role can be downloaded here: Operations Manager_140420

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